Al Clogston, wedding pianist and jazz piano tutor


Producer and set/prop construction

I’ve been involved in concert and theatre production since the early ‘80s. My first theatre job was at the age of twenty when I became Property Master at the Coachlight Dinner Theater in Connecticut. Once I moved back to New York (where I was born) I began an eleven year stretch as part of the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival crew, first as a stage hand, later on as a crew chief. From there I made the leap into orchestral and theatrical production as the Production Coordinator of the Little Orchestra Society, a post I filled for ten years until I moved to London.

Other organisations I’ve had lengthy associations with are Theatreworks USA, where I served as Property Supervisor, and George Wein’s Festival Productions where I helped facilitate the transportation of musicians and gear for the JVC Jazz Festival (New York and Saratoga), the Toyota Comedy Festival, and the Benson and Hedges Blues Festival.

In the UK I have constructed props and sets for my own productions and for Wimbledon Light Opera Society, in association with set designer Becky Channon. I have a modest but fully equipped workshop and am available to help out with your property and set needs.

I’ve written and assembled several shows including Booga-Booga!, an original musical for kids, Across the Pond – Rock to Rock, a musical revue outlining the development of American Popular Music from Plymouth Rock through Rock and Roll, and Mouse in the House, a review of original songs for kids.

I’ve also written a new adaptation of Victor Herbert’s Babes in Toyland for Wimbledon Light Opera Society which was performed in November 2009 at the Secombe Theatre in Sutton.

For information on any of these shows please drop me a note.


Al has always been reliable, diligent, creative and professional. He works extremely well under pressure, gets along well with people of all temperaments, and motivates his crew members very productively.
John Kordel, Managing Director
The Little Orchestra Society, NYC

The fantastic score was in the very capable hands of the ubiquitous Al Clogston. In between playing a lead role, designing the set, leading the sing-a-long, drawing the raffle and probably making the cast teas, Al had time to teach the cast the music and organise the band with the undoubted help of pianist David Harvey. The harmonies, although relatively straightforward, were executed perfectly. [Jack the Ripper]

Along with all his other duties, Al did a first class job as the Chairman. He kept the pace of the piece moving sufficiently and was suitably rousing at times but was demure when required. [Jack the Ripper]

Al Clogston as ‘Horace Vandergelder’ brought the dopy and comical side of the part to the fore. At times we verged on panto as Al dramatically cussed his way through another argument but I’m glad to say that there was no nastiness in this characterisation. [Hello, Dolly!]

Eli Whitney – Al Clogston – with constant cigar in hand and lecherous looks, this was a slightly sleazy version of the role. [Anything Goes]

Al seemed to revel in what was essentially a traditional panto villain role. Not to mention all his other production roles, Al glued the production together. [Babes in Toyland]

Harrison Howell – Al Clogston - Nice moves, too: proves that Al is an all-rounder [Kiss Me, Kate]
Stephen MacVicar

Albert Clogston (Major General Stanley) was ideal for the part.  The right age and with real military bearing his portrayal was excellent.  The lyrics for “I am the very model etc.”, were clear and audible which is not always the case.  Given that this is one of G&S’s archetypal songs that was a real plus.  [The Pirates of Penzance]
Tony Sweeney