Al Clogston, wedding pianist and jazz piano tutor

Jazz piano instructor

In addition to my performing and writing activities I also give private jazz piano lessons from my home. I teach what I consider the Ray Cassarino method in memory of my former teacher who passed away in February 2008. Ray taught me pretty much everything I use in my playing and I in turn, feel it is only right that I pass this knowledge on.

As a pianist I have worked almost exclusively as a soloist and this is reflected in my teaching. Although most of the methods I teach translate readily to group playing my main aim is to enable a student to sit down at a piano, whether in a restaurant, hotel or a jazz club, and provide a complete evening's entertainment off the top of his or her head unencumbered by song books or sheet music.

To be able to do this it is necessary to learn and absorb many different aspects of playing and thinking, especially if the student comes from a classical music background. My teaching involves breaking down these aspects into a series of building blocks which are individually learned and gradually assembled until the student is able to put it all together instinctively in performance.

Some of the key aspects I am referring to are:

Although I have no strict rules it is helpful that any potential student have a certain degree of efficiency on the piano (most of my students have achieved a grade 5 qualification or above), have a piano at their disposal (preferably acoustic), and enough practice time to make it worth their while.

If you are at all interested in studying with me please drop me a note at