Booga-Booga! An original musical for children by Al Clogston

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Young monster Booga-Booga has been banished to the human side of town because heís not scary enough. Can he learn to frighten children so he can return home?

About the show

Booga-Booga! is a fun, colourful musical for children of all ages. Itís a great show for schools or drama groups - all the parts could be taken by children or an adult cast can work with a childrenís chorus.

Booga-Booga! was first produced by the Old Town Playhouse, Traverse City, Michigan, USA.


Booga-Booga!A friendly young monsterTenor
BobbyA boyTenor/soprano
Wanda ChopitouA brash young stylistAlto
NarratorNarratorSpeaking or baritone/tenor
Great GhoulHead of monster clanBass
Miss WhoopinkovWitch, Booga's teacherSoprano
Mr BoogaBooga-Booga's dadBass
Mrs BoogaBooga-Booga's mumAlto
Notzo Great GhoulSecond-monster-in-commandTenor
WilmaNasty girl next doorSpeaking
Children's chorusFriends and schoolkids

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About the author

Al Clogston is a professional jazz pianist and experienced musical director. He has performed at venues ranging from the Empire State Building and Lincoln Center Plaza, New York to Leeds Castle in Kent, and has been heard on BBC Radio 3's In Tune on a number of occasions.

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